Mane Phély - plastic artist

Conversation with matter

There is an inevitable link, the one that binds human to Nature.

Contact with nature is at the heart of Mane Phély’s creative process. It fuels her deep desire to create, to shape materials, and to transform them through her artistry.
Based in her workshop in Olivet, on the banks of the Loiret, she crafts wall sculptures inspired by the mineral and organic worlds that surround her.
Her work invites us to delve into an ancestral geological universe and an abundant botanical world caught up in the endless cycle of life – volcanic lands, mysterious forests, and spring flora.




Dialog with a material

Mane Phély offers a new interpretation of cardboard, a humble and raw medium whose full potential she seeks to reveal through her hands.

Through cutting, sanding, scraping, or crushing, she aims to make the material speak and invites the viewer to physically immerse themselves in the organic and mineral matter.

Her wall sculptures evoke the nature that surrounds and inspires her.