Mane Phély - plastic artist

Dialog with matter

“There is an inherent bond, it is the one that links humankind to Nature.”

Contact with nature is at the source of Mane Phély’s creative process. From it stems her profound urge to create, her desire to mould matter with her own hands, to interact with and transform it. Based in her studio in Olivet, on the banks of the Loiret river, in north-central France, she creates wall sculptures inspired by the mineral and organic world which surrounds her. These pieces invite the viewer to delve into ancient volcanic landscapes and into an exuberant botanical world caught up in the endless cycle of life, evoking igneous rock, mysterious forests, vernal vegetation.




Dialog with matter

Mane Phély approaches cardboard in a new and distinctive manner, seeking to uncover the inherent power of this humble medium.

By cutting, sanding, scratching, crushing, she brings this raw material to life, creating unique pieces inspired by the organic and mineral world.

Her wall sculptures evoke the natural world which surrounds and inspires her.